First steps with Henry Business Law

My father is amazingly frugal. Some would even call him cheap (I wouldn’t, some people would 😁 ). He’s the king of stretching the life of an item. When I was growing up, I had a doll I loved but over time and after many of my ardent embraces, she started to fall to pieces. […]

International Women’s Day 2021: Who Am I?

Who am I? I’ve been reflecting on identity recently after having seen posts and rants from other women in the entrepreneurial space who firmly reject titles such as “mompreneur” and “boss babe” and “girl boss” as being infantilizing and othering. These ladies want us to embrace being bosses regardless of our gender. I’m not so […]

Black History Month: Beverly Mascoll

I’ve been reading about trailblazing black women in business and it struck me how much we know about our American counterparts but precious little about the long history of badass businesswomen right here in Canada. From a recent post by @pitchbetter, I learned about Beverly Mascoll, a pioneering entrepreneur and community leader who created a […]

You Can’t Level Up Without an Exit Strategy in Place

Do you have an exit strategy?- How are you going to leave your business? Sale, retirement, leaving to the next generation? How you’ve structured your business may make it harder to transition out and cause you to pay more tax when you leave.  You Can’t Level Up Without an Exit Strategy in Place I’ve been […]

Spin Your Corporate Structure Web and Lure Investors

Ok, we’ve walked through the steps you should be taking to prepare yourself to level up and hit the elusive 7 Figures Club. But here’s the thing, in Canada, only 2 percent of women owned businesses reach $1 million and up in annual revenue. There are myriad reasons for this crap news but the biggest […]

What in the Heck is “Levelling Up?” And is YOUR Business Ready?

If you’ve ever played a video game – and avoided a certain number of bombs or climbed up a predetermined number of ladders (Hello, Super Mario!) – you probably already get the concept of “levelling up.” And levelling up in business really isn’t that different from levelling up in a video game – you came, […]

Invest in Levelling Up Before it’s too Late

I have a bit of news to share, and it’s something that has really had me thinking a lot about how quickly things can change in one’s life. I think we all fundamentally understand that concept today, because who among us would have ever predicted this crazy Covid-19 world in which we’re living, right?? But […]

Revolutions are best served by your wallet

I spent last weekend away from the news and social media because it was necessary for my sanity and peace. I’ve learned to be good at respecting the boundaries of my mental health. I cannot, and would not want to, ignore what is going on in the U.S and right at home in Canada. The […]

So How in the HELL Can Women Entrepreneurs Grow?

So last week we opened up a can of ugly worms called why are so many brilliant women entrepreneurs struggling to land much-needed funding? It seriously enrages me, and I want this to change. That’s my goal for this decade. To WAKE LENDERS UP to the new world order when it comes to running a […]

Where’s All the Funding for Women Led Businesses? 

That, right there, is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION, am I right, ladies? It’s a symptom of what’s fundamentally broken in today’s financial services world. And it’s time lenders and the like woke up – and KEPT up – with the extraordinary change occurring in the business world.  It’s ALSO time we rally for transformation and […]