Clear legal solutions that protect your business and your dreams.

The more money your business makes, the more you need to protect it.

In an industry full of tradition and rules, we focus on one: Everything we do has to serve entrepreneurs better.

Why? Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. Henry Business Law is a virtual, cloud-based provider of clear and innovative legal solutions to Canadian owned businesses. What does this mean for you?

; stuffy boardrooms, legalese that makes your head spin, billing by the hour (surprises are for birthdays, not bills) and hoping that contract you DIY’d from the internet will protect you in court.

SAY HELLO TO; sound legal advice at fixed prices that you can budget for, the right tools and contracts that will protect your future and your bank account and peace of mind.

Our Services

Secure Startup

Whether you are a startup, experiencing growth or gearing up for a seamless exit, we got your back. We have curated the perfect package to ensure you are protected every step of the way.

A La Carte Services

We offer a wide range of services for your every business need. Whether you are looking for help with selling a business or you’re considering starting or buying a franchise we can help you.

Secure Your Way to 7 Figures

Are you destined to become a thriving 7-figure business owner? Because if that future is calling you, it’s time to harness the law to grow your revenue, without putting in more time or risking your intellectual property.

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Consultation Options

This call helps us to learn more about your legal needs and determine whether we’d benefit from working together. In this complimentary 15-minute phone call with our Client Delight Team, we take the opportunity to share more about HBL’s services and advise of how we can help.

This option does not provide legal advice. For legal advice, please book a Strategic Consultation; For a deep dive into your business, book a Legal Audit.

Here’s where we do a deep dive into your business to figure out where the gaps are in your legal foundation.

You will leave with a clear, step-by-step list of what you need to implement to reach your goals, along with other tips in your custom Legal Road Map.

We will credit back $250 to be applied to any future invoices if we are retained, or if you purchase a bundle from

Have a complex situation that needs legal advice? Book a Strategic Consultation for detailed legal advice about a complex issue or one that has many moving parts.