Top three things you need to know if you plan to franchise your business

Franchises can be an amazing way to grow your business quickly and without the need for the increased capital and staffing you would need to open multiple locations on your own. They can also be fraught with legal pitfalls. Here’s what you need to know before starting a franchise. 1. Disclose, disclose, disclose In Ontario, […]

Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Business

Starting a business is both one of the most rewarding and scariest things you can do. It’s understandable why some think it’s safer and a better use of resources to buy a well-established business than starting something entirely new. However, buying an existing business has its own share of pitfalls that can quickly turn your […]

Is Your Website Going to Get You Sued?

Content marketing is the way to go right? So you probably provide lots of information on your blog or on your website. Maybe it’s about eating gluten free or training for a 5k. Maybe it’s about how to set up processes and systems in your business. Maybe you’re a kick-ass marketer and you show people […]