Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Business

Starting a business is both one of the most rewarding and scariest things you can do. It’s understandable why some think it’s safer and a better use of resources to buy a well-established business than starting something entirely new. However, buying an existing business has its own share of pitfalls that can quickly turn your […]

Debt or Equity – Should You Trade Shares for Services

Real Life Question: My small business desperately needs marketing help but I can’t afford it. A marketer has offered to provide the services I need in exchange for shares in my company; should I do it? It’s one of the Catch-22s of running a business: I need a killer website or advertising or marketing services […]

The Power of Relationships

Earlier this year, I found a small lump under my left arm. Eternal optimist that I am, I thought nothing of it and only mentioned it to my family doctor in an offhand, just-in-passing way while taking one of my sons to see her. My family doctor sent me for test after test despite my […]