The more your business grows,
the more you need to protect it.

You’ve made it this far thanks to Google and a prayer but
now that you’re growing, hiring and earning more… you know what got you here won’t be enough for the next
level of growth.

You need a legal advisor to support you when…

  • You’re signing larger clients and need to make sure your contracts won’t embarrass you
  • You’re hiring a new team member and want to protect your trade secrets and other IP
  • You want to share your amazing idea with a potential investor or collaborator

With big growth opportunities comes big legal vulnerabilities…IF you don’t have the right protection in place

You know you don’t have all the answers.. it’s time
to Secure Your Startup!

What You Get

The Secure Startup™

The Secure Startup™ will eliminate any uncertainty and fear and replace it with the right legal protections, a smart corporate structure and effective tax planning.


Ongoing Legal Advice & Support

There’s a reason why a corporate counsel is one of the first hires for growth-oriented companies. There’s a huge advantage in having a lawyer who understands your unique business in your corner. We can both help you squash issues before they become big expensive problems and take advantage of opportunities faster than your competition.


Business Formation & IP Essentials

How you own your business is a key factor in deciding how much of your precious revenue goes to the CRA and how exposed your personal assets are. Our business formation services give you protective and tax-efficient structures.

Can you imagine what a devastating loss it would be to your business to lose its name or its trade secrets? How frustrating would it be to see someone make money from your creations? We help you protect all your intellectual property assets so they work for you and only you.


Legal Agreements for the relationships that drive your business.

Your business would grind to a halt without good relationships with your clients, your team members, your referral partners etc. A solid contract, custom drafted for your unique business is the best way to keep those relationships healthy and protect you if things go wrong.

We have three levels of service to meet your needs

The services included in each level are based on my years of experience serving (and saving) entrepreneurs small business owners. In other words, this program includes exactly what you need because we know what we’re doing. Most likely, you know that you need legal help and advice, but you don’t know what you need or how you’re going to fit it in to your budget. Well voila! Because you’re exactly why we created this program. You get to choose from three levels of service based on your business’ needs

Ongoing Legal Advice + Support
Access to Private Facebook Group- Weekly Q & A$300/month
15 minute phone and email consults As NEEDED/month$600/month
(1) Small Business Legal Audit$1600
Lawyer’s Letter to Resolve 1 Issue$750
Lawyer’s Letter to Resolve Up to 3 Issues$2250
Lawyer’s Letter to Resolve Up to 5 IssuesCustom Quote
Research 5 hours$1500
Research 10 hours$2500
Business Formation
Incorporation of a Federal Corporation (filing fee incl)$1350
Incorporation of a Not-for-Profit Corporation (filing fee incl)$1500
Shareholders or Partnership Agreement$2000
BylawsInc in Form
Organizational Resolutions and Share IssuanceInc in Form
Annual Corporate Documents$350/annually
Loan DocumentsCustom quote
Intellectual Property
1 Copyright Registration Application (filing fee incl.)$500
2 Copyright Registration Applications (filing fee incl.)$700
3-5 Copyright Registration Applications (filing fee incl.)$1000
1 Trademark Registration Application (filing fee incl.)$1500
2 Trademark Registration Applications (filing fee incl.)$2835
3-5 Trademark Registration Applications (filing fee incl.)$4150
Cease and Desist Letter$750
Comprehensive Intellectual Property Audit$4000
Legal Agreements
Contract Review/Each$600
Client Services Agreement$1500
Non-Disclosure Agreement$600
Joint Venture Agreement$2000
Affiliate Agreement$1500
Licensing Agreement$1500
Speaker Agreement$1500
Commercial Lease$3250
Custom Contract Drafting (anything not listed above)$1000
Employment Law
Independent Contractor Agreement$1200
Intern Agreement$1000
Employment Agreement$1200
Social Media Policy$1200
Employee Manual/Policies & Procedures$1600
Internet Law
Review existing PP or ToC$600
Website Privacy Policy$800
Website Terms + Conditions$1000
Website Review (up to 5 pages)$1000

On our call, we’ll help you choose the level that works best for you depending on where your business is and more importantly, where you want it to be.

Our retainers start at $500/month and require a minimum commitment of one year.

OMG Andrea has been a saving grace to my business life wellness and even more in my personal life wellness. I have been needing to plan for my future in the event of unforeseen mishaps for many years and after being introduced to Andrea things I have put off for years have been resolved within a week. Andrea help and support has gone beyond her call of duty and I will be forever grateful for Andrea and her staff at Henry Business Law.

Arica Bryan

We work best with entrepreneurs who are… 


Your business might be small but it’s growing, and you have big goals for it


You’re willing to invest in your business to get it to the heights you know it can achieve


You do business differently and you need a lawyer who understands tech and the new economy

The Secure Startup is probably not for you if… 

  • Your “business” is really just a hobby that makes some money
  • You’re not interested in an ongoing relationship with your lawyer, you’d rather call a random attorney when you get sued
  • Your business is not your baby- the thing that gives you the freedom and finances to live the life of your dreams

As an accountant I often need to work closely with a lawyer to complete business transactions. Andrea always treats my clients with patience and answers all their questions. Her knowledge of issues for small business is unparalleled. highly recommend for all your small business needs.

Shalini Dharna

Your growing business needs a legal team…

and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get it.

Got Questions?

While we’re happy to answer questions unique to your situation during our Free
Consultation, here are a few answers to some of the initial questions people have when
considering this type of service.

Will there be any extra costs?
The Secure Startup has a ton of inclusions but they are some things that aren’t covered namely: courier fees, registration fees for incorporations outside of Ontario, trademark application fees beyond the first class. We don’t handle litigation but will happily refer you to a litigation lawyer in which case their fees will be separate from the Secure Startup program.
Can I change my plan?
Because the plans include set services, downgrades aren’t possible. You can upgrade at any time- just drop us a line and pay the difference between the two levels.
Can I cancel my plan?
Our retainer agreements require a minimum commitment of one year. However, we understand that life happens. If you need to cancel, we’ll charge you for the services already provided at our stated prices and then let you go (sniff, sniff)
How much access do I have to a lawyer?
It depends on the level you choose. At all levels you will have consultations as needed for the specific services included in the plan. For Levels 2 and 3, you also have access to your lawyer as matters come up. We block time for our retainer clients so you will normally be able to book a consultation within a week of your request.