Use the law to leverage your team and intellectual property to scale your business to 7-figures

Are you destined to become a thriving 7-figure business owner?

Because if that future is calling you, it’s time to harness the law to grow your revenue, without putting in more time or risking your intellectual property.

That’s why if you’ve been:

You’re already experiencing what I call, “the messy middle” of growing a multiple 6-figure business. It’s that place that exists in the gap between when you were a fresh-eyed business owner excited to be working for yourself, and how you believe life as a 7-figure CEO would be with plenty of time for strategy and vision with minimal time doing anything outside your zone of genius.

There’s an easier way to build a million-dollar business, and it doesn’t involve you doing all the things. Keep reading and I’ll explain how the law can help you get there. 

Smart legal counsel focuses on strategic wealth building opportunities alongside protection

Whether your experience with a lawyer is through your corporate background, or from watching a favourite legal show (give me a glass of Riesling and Suits any day)…

…you’ve probably noticed that lawyers always have a seat at the table as part of a business’ A-team.

That’s because high-earning businesses know that having their own in-house counsel is for much more than when sh@t hits the fan. Experienced business lawyers (like me) can spot money-making opportunities for leveraging your intellectual property and put the legal structures in place to minimize risk. And they get to know your personal life, to ensure the business is built to take care of you during life’s inevitable ups and downs.

I’ve had my share of those ups and downs, including a Stage II breast cancer diagnosis in 2018, so I get how important it is to prepare for life’s what-ifs. So, what would be possible for your business if you had all the benefits of in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost?

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Picture this scene post-COVID: You sipping Mai-Tai’s beachside in Bali while your business assets make money for you

Sounds dreamy, right?

Let’s time travel to a future where you sleep through the night knowing you’re protected against risks, and prepared for opportunities that you’re ready to pursue.

Just like many women won’t apply for a job unless they have most of the qualifications, many business owners aren’t able to tune into the financial opportunities available to them until they’re…

And that’s where my team of lawyers and I come in, to help you strategically plan your best financial year ever, and fully execute the legal side on your behalf.

We call ourselves business growth lawyers. Our main goal is to get your business in the right legal shape so you can hit GO and grow at an accelerated pace.

You’re invited to join


Where you use the law to leverage your team and intellectual property to scale your business to 7-figures. You’ll emerge from our 6 months together with a…

What’s waiting for you inside Secure Your Way to 7 Figures?

Imagine having your own in-house counsel to help you take advantage of all those opportunities that are just within reach but you don’t know where to start.

One month we may do an audit of your existing intellectual property, identify areas where you can leverage it to grow revenue and then put the legal protections you need in place to exploit these opportunities.

Another month may see us deep in succession and exit planning including estate planning or setting up a holding company or a trust.

Everything we’ll do will be customized to your business’ unique needs.

Monthly business strategy call on how to harness the law to allow you to make more money without putting in more time

Monitoring of your intellectual property and unlimited cease and desist and demand letters.

15-minute clarity sessions for quick questions and advice

Done-for-you contract templates and guides as needed, designed for Canadian entrepreneurs, courtesy of The Secure Startup Inc.

We’ll review new contracts you’ve been asked to sign and provide a Loom video pointing out any areas of concern.

Business owners already making more bank (and sleeping better) thanks to


What you will get out of the program

Okay so let’s get down to the details, enrol in the program, and you’ll get customized-for-your business legal and business strategy and implementation that includes…

3 Ways To Know that Secure Your Way to 7 Figures Is The Key To Unlocking Your Next Stage Of Business Growth…

You want to:

  • Make more money while working fewer hours
  • Grow your business without feeling overwhelmed
  • Build a legacy for your family
  • Access 7-Figure Legal Strategy For A Fixed Cost

With big growth comes big legal vulnerabilities and big wealth building opportunities. Take a month-by-month approach to putting the right protection in place so you’re prepared to welcome whatever comes your way.

Meet The Legal Mind Behind Level UP To 7

Hi, I’m Andrea Henry

There’s something we need to talk about: In Canada, only 2 percent of women-owned businesses reach $1 million and up in annual revenue. Yet we know women-led business owners are out to change the world. But to do that, we need to protect ourselves, and our business interests

That’s why I’m borderline evangelical when it comes to helping businesses grow – I want to work with you towards independence, freedom, and impact. And this is where Henry Business Law and I come in.

As a Cambridge-educated lawyer with more than a decade of experience working with businesses of all sizes and at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey, I know that the potential for a legal hiccup (or ten) scales alongside your business!

But, I also know this to be true: Having a trusted legal advisor at your table is an invaluable investment that’ll leave you ready to confidently grab that sweet, 7-figure fruit that’s hidden amongst your intellectual property.

And it’d be my honour to help you reach it.

100s of Business Owners Have Trusted Me To Set Up Their Business For Big Scale Growth (even with a team of one). Here’s What One of Them Had To Say…

“Andrea Henry is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met. She has a calm measured way of hearing the thought in your head, breaking it down and telling you exactly what you need to do to protect it. She’s the first person who’s ever seriously explained to me (and it makes sense) why legal contracts are filled with such complex language. She rose to a challenge I had for her to massively simplify an internal document, so my team wouldn’t feel like they’re signing gibberish!

How cool is that? I really haven’t met a whole lot of professionals who get it and get on with it. Andrea is one. I’ve realized in my journey as an entrepreneurs (and person) that so many significant moments in life are sealed by legalities. And I love that Andrea has made milestone occasions like the times we’ve claimed our intellectual property, and protected our interests as a company, such a pleasure. Talk to Andrea. She’ll add value in the first 15 minutes, even as you think about whether you want to work with her.”

Susan Diaz

CEO and Editor In Chief, c+p digital – a Toronto digital marketing firm. Co-host of The 4am Report podcast (what keeps marketers up at night)

Our Happy Client Guarantee

We are sure you will find the Secure Your Way to 7 Figures Program immensely valuable but if you’re not satisfied, we won’t rest until you are.


After your initial audit, we’ll have a legal roadmap of the key legal structures you need to get in place and the plan is that we’ll work through these a month at a time. You can also come to us with a list of what you want to do and we’ll work our way through your list.

We’re really flexible (years of Pilates) so if something time sensitive comes up, we’ll work on that instead.

Would you prefer to attend a walk-in clinic or have a family doctor?

Working closely with you allows us to really understand your business. With a deep knowledge of your goals, we can, not only help you nip problems in the bud, but see and take advantage of unexploited opportunities.

With this program, there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. Whether you pay in full upfront or choose the installment option, you know what you’re getting, for exactly how much, the day you sign.