If you run a business, are getting ready to run a business or are even thinking about getting ready to run a business, then you need to work with us. When you are a business owner of any kind of business, you open yourself up to a world of liability – most of which you may not be aware. You also have a new world of exciting opportunities that you can only take advantage of if you’ve got all your legal ducks in a row.

There’s an old Caribbean saying – “The candle ends up costing more than the funeral”. Ctrl + V seems a great deal in the beginning (free!) but could end up costing you dearly if the terms you copy do not contain the important provisions YOUR business needs. If there was a dispute, you may be missing key protections that could mean losing a lot of moolah. We get to know the ins and outs of your business so that your contracts and other legal documents are a custom fit.

While you might be small now, you probably have big dreams for your business. It’s important to start on the right foot and build the foundation your big business will need. Also, small businesses can get big claims that they didn’t foresee. We help you get the legal protection you need at a price you can afford so that your small business can grow big and powerful.

Absolutely! Most of the legal stuff associated with running a business, like tax structures, incorporations, trademarks, many contracts, privacy issues and e-mail marketing, is governed by federal law that applies across Canada. For the few things that change from province to province (mostly employment related issues) we have a great network of lawyers from coast to coast who help us provide province-specific advice at no extra cost to you.

Though we find anything legal related fascinating, we understand that not everyone shares that peculiar affliction. We know that legal documents that are difficult to read are one of the reasons people avoid going to lawyers in the first place. So we aim to use clear, direct language as much as possible. That said, one of the main reasons you invest in contracts and other corporate documentation is so that those things protect you should there ever be a dispute or a claim. In a court, there is a lot of protection in using terms and phrases whose meanings have been decided on many times before. This means that sometimes, we will use “legalese” to make sure that the meaning is clear to the court (even if it’s not so clear to you). Whenever we do that, we will provide a clear explanation so that you know what’s going on.