First steps with Henry Business Law

My father is amazingly frugal. Some would even call him cheap (I wouldn’t, some people would 😁 ). He’s the king of stretching the life of an item. When I was growing up, I had a doll I loved but over time and after many of my ardent embraces, she started to fall to pieces. […]

Solopreneurs Can Take Breaks Too

My last post in this series was about how I found out that I made more money in my business every time I took a break from it. Some of you wrote to say that only worked for me because I have a team so I wanted to break down how solopreneurs can take breaks […]

Spring Clean Your Business

When I was growing up, every year around this time, my mother would embark on her annual “I can’t believe we have all this junk” cleaning and organizing spree. She methodically opened every closet, drawer, and bag to throw out what we didn’t need and buy new versions of things we had outgrown.   I’ve […]

More Breaks Equal More Money

While I was reviewing my 2020, I recognized an interesting pattern. Every time I took a break from my business, I made a lot more the following month. My first thought was to chalk it up to pent-up demand after I had been away but there was a bump in revenue whether I took a […]

If Only There Was Tinder – But for Growth Lawyers!

Don’t throw a dart at the yellow pages when you’re looking for a lawyer. Sit down and make a list of everything you want your legal representation to do for you – and how you want this person/team to make you “feel.” Yes. Feel. This is kind of like dating, LOL, except for the “flowers […]

Is Franchising in Your Future?

Franchises can be an amazing way to grow your business quickly, without the need for the increased capital and staffing you would need to open multiple locations yourself.  At its most basic level, by franchising your business, you control both your intellectual property AND how the franchise is run. The franchisee puts the money up, […]

Spin Your Corporate Structure Web and Lure Investors

Ok, we’ve walked through the steps you should be taking to prepare yourself to level up and hit the elusive 7 Figures Club. But here’s the thing, in Canada, only 2 percent of women owned businesses reach $1 million and up in annual revenue. There are myriad reasons for this crap news but the biggest […]

The Corporate Structure Needed to Hit 7 Figures

Ok, we’ve already established that all of us female business owners and entrepreneurs are out to change the world. But to do that, we need to protect ourselves and our professional interests. Most of you who have crossed the 6-figure mark know this already but here’s a quick refresher on corporations. There are two main […]

What in the Heck is “Levelling Up?” And is YOUR Business Ready?

If you’ve ever played a video game – and avoided a certain number of bombs or climbed up a predetermined number of ladders (Hello, Super Mario!) – you probably already get the concept of “levelling up.” And levelling up in business really isn’t that different from levelling up in a video game – you came, […]

So How in the HELL Can Women Entrepreneurs Grow?

So last week we opened up a can of ugly worms called why are so many brilliant women entrepreneurs struggling to land much-needed funding? It seriously enrages me, and I want this to change. That’s my goal for this decade. To WAKE LENDERS UP to the new world order when it comes to running a […]