The Corporate Structure Needed to Hit 7 Figures

Ok, we’ve already established that all of us female business owners and entrepreneurs are out to change the world. But to do that, we need to protect ourselves and our professional interests. Most of you who have crossed the 6-figure mark know this already but here’s a quick refresher on corporations. There are two main […]

What in the Heck is “Levelling Up?” And is YOUR Business Ready?

If you’ve ever played a video game – and avoided a certain number of bombs or climbed up a predetermined number of ladders (Hello, Super Mario!) – you probably already get the concept of “levelling up.” And levelling up in business really isn’t that different from levelling up in a video game – you came, […]

Invest in Levelling Up Before it’s too Late

I have a bit of news to share, and it’s something that has really had me thinking a lot about how quickly things can change in one’s life. I think we all fundamentally understand that concept today, because who among us would have ever predicted this crazy Covid-19 world in which we’re living, right?? But […]

Revolutions are best served by your wallet

I spent last weekend away from the news and social media because it was necessary for my sanity and peace. I’ve learned to be good at respecting the boundaries of my mental health. I cannot, and would not want to, ignore what is going on in the U.S and right at home in Canada. The […]

Treat your Small Business Like the Big Deal It Is!

Have you seen some of the funny Covid-19/quarantine related memes flying around on the internet? You know the ones: 🦠 “What day of the week is it?” 🦠 “How bad will my hair be when it’s all over? 🦠 “What about my BUSINESS!” Oh wait. That last one’s not funny at all, is it?   No […]

The Anatomy of a Contract

So I’ve been listening a lot right now. Listening to my clients, listening to what wise (and some not so wise) people have been saying on social media. It seems what everyone is searching for is some sort of control. Well, my friends. I’m here to tell you there are things you can take control […]

So How in the HELL Can Women Entrepreneurs Grow?

So last week we opened up a can of ugly worms called why are so many brilliant women entrepreneurs struggling to land much-needed funding? It seriously enrages me, and I want this to change. That’s my goal for this decade. To WAKE LENDERS UP to the new world order when it comes to running a […]

Where’s All the Funding for Women Led Businesses? 

That, right there, is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION, am I right, ladies? It’s a symptom of what’s fundamentally broken in today’s financial services world. And it’s time lenders and the like woke up – and KEPT up – with the extraordinary change occurring in the business world.  It’s ALSO time we rally for transformation and […]

How to Get the Most out of your Business Investments

Hands up if you’re making more in your business but spending more too. Hit the six-figure mark but still feel broke? You’re not alone.  All the business books tell us that to grow you have to invest in your business right?. So, we all dutifully invest “extra” money in the business in the form of […]


You’ve found the perfect place for your growing business. It’s in a great location, you can afford the rent and it has so much potential. Pinterest becomes your best friend as plan all the ways you will make the space your own. But hold on, before you fantasize about hardwood floors and the balloons at […]