A hands-on accounting and legal workshop for entrepreneurs who need their business foundation to match their dreams.

Learn how to love your books and the legal side of your business so you can make and save more money and avoid dooming mistakes.

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If you’ve never worked with Lawyer or a CPA, there’s probably a lot of stuff you don’t know which could lead to costly mistakes.

This workshop is your opportunity to learn from experts and build a solid legal and accounting foundation for your business.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been in the game for a while, this hands on workshop will give you practical, actionable strategies to help your business grow while also protecting your assets from liabilities.

What you’ll Learn:


  • How to tell when/if you need to incorporate
  • Simple tools and tricks to protect your brand
  • How to read and negotiate any contract (including leases) so you don’t get screwed over
  • The Real Deal about building a Team
  • The lawsuits that can ruin your business and how to avoid them


  • Accounting principles and how to apply them to your business

  • How to prepare and interpret financial statements for smarter decision-making

  • How to stay compliant with CRA: HST fundamentals and allowable write-offs 

  • Tax Planning for the Small Business Owner

    And more…

    Event details:

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    10:00 am – Meet + Greet

    10:30 am – Learn how to Love Your Numbers

    12: 00 pm – Q & A Session

    12:30 pm – Lunch

    1:30 pm – Girlfriend’s Guide to the Legal Side of Running your Biz

    2:30 pm – Q & A Session

    3:00 pm – All done


    November 24th

    10am – 3pm

    Make Lemonade @ 326 Adelaide Street West, Toronto M5V 1R3

    When we started working with Dharna CPA, the best thing about it was a sense of relief right from the initial meeting:  something along the lines “WOW this person gets us and our challenges” , as well the most important thing we found: they actually spoke a language we could understand, no fancy technical accounting terms, wouldn’t you agree that’s crucial to actually understand what they are saying?

    Elizabeth Roque

    Rok Cork

    Henry Business Law helped me in the 11th hour of a contract negotiation. Andrea’s expertise and finesse worked with my situation to develop a contract that helped me secure a major deal with confidence and strength. Having her quarterback my legal issues has given me absolute peace of mind for my client relations. The investment in legal paled in comparison to the benefit to my business.

    Alex Kelly

    Salt & Co.

    About the organizers

    Shalini Dharna, CPA, graduated with honours from the University of Toronto with a B.Comm specializing in Accounting. After working at Ernst and Young, BDO and the Ministry of Education, she decided to join her father in his accounting practice, then Dharna and Associates. Rebranding as DharnaCPA, Shalini began her own entrepreneurial journey. While she knew about accounting and taxes, she realized how much she DIDN’T know about running a business. As she started to learn about social media, hr, marketing and systems – she truly felt like an accidental entrepreneur. Soon, people started asking Shalini to speak to their networks about accounting and tax issues for entrepreneurs. She noticed common questions always being asked, or common mistakes being made in how they approached business. After all, no one had ever taught them these things.

    Andrea Henry is a mom of three, a lover of wine and books and a Cambridge-educated business lawyer with more than a decade of experience working with businesses of all sizes and at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. She is the daughter of an entrepreneur and is pretty much obsessed with all things business. When she started her firm she had a laptop, three clients and A LOT of hustle – growing her business to 6-figures in under a year. Andrea loves helping women protect their beautiful businesses that give them the freedom and agency they crave so they can grow with confidence.