Spring Clean Your Business

When I was growing up, every year around this time, my mother would embark on her annual “I can’t believe we have all this junk” cleaning and organizing spree. She methodically opened every closet, drawer, and bag to throw out what we didn’t need and buy new versions of things we had outgrown.


I’ve become more like my mother than I’d like to admit, and I’ve taken on her spring cleaning habit. Because I find it can be overwhelming to tackle everything on my own, these days, as with most other parts of my life, I bring in the professional organizers and cleaners who help me whip my space into tip top shape.


You probably do this for your home, but have you thought about what a spring clean could do for your business?

Where are the areas where you’ve accumulated junky contracts cobbled together from the internet? Do you have structures that worked for your business when you were starting out but now fit as badly as my pre-children jeans?


The best way to spring clean your business is with a Legal Audit! We do a deep dive into 5 main areas of your business – corporate structure, contracts, IP, insurance and future planning –  and provide you with a step-by-step roadmap to a more protected and more prosperous business.

If this sounds like just the thing, book your
Legal Audit here

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