If Only There Was Tinder – But for Growth Lawyers!

Don’t throw a dart at the yellow pages when you’re looking for a lawyer. Sit down and make a list of everything you want your legal representation to do for you – and how you want this person/team to make you “feel.” Yes. Feel. This is kind of like dating, LOL, except for the “flowers and a movie” part. And just any old lawyer won’t do!

Whoever you choose to partner with should know your industry inside and out – you wouldn’t choose a walk-in clinic over your own GP, would you?

Interview. Yes, interview. Don’t sign with anyone who doesn’t afford you the time to get to know them first. “Fit” is key – this is a relationship you’re building, and it has to be built on trust. You need to be able to sleep easy at night, knowing your representative has your best interests at heart, and understands the ins and outs of the work you do.

Once you have the fit, definitely check the credentials. You’ll want a competent, experienced person comfortable with the types of legal issues you’ll be bringing to the table. There’s a huge difference between running a beauty spa, and running a software start-up. One is not better than the other, but the legal considerations will be quite different.

Also, make sure (especially if you’re working with a law firm – large or small) that you know exactly who’s doing what. Seniority matters. You don’t want a clerk working on something a more seasoned lawyer should be paying attention to. 

Hold Up, Andrea! I Don’t Have Time for All of This!


Funny you should say that. If you’re looking for your own business growth lawyer, want to make more money while working fewer hours, grow your business without worry and stress, and build a legacy for your family – ladies, I am here for you! 

Experienced business lawyers (like me) can spot money-making opportunities for leveraging your intellectual property and put the legal structures in place to minimize risk. 

And they get to know your personal life, to ensure the business is built to take care of you during life’s inevitable ups and downs.

I’ve had my share of those ups and downs, including a Stage II breast cancer diagnosis in 2018, so I get how important it is to prepare for life’s what-ifs. 

So, what would be possible for your business if you had all the benefits of in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost?

Think about it: 

  • A workshop to audit the business you have and create a legal roadmap to the business you want.
  • An audit of your existing intellectual property, identifying areas you can leverage to grow revenue and then put the legal protections you need in place to exploit these opportunities.
  • Then we tackle succession and exit planning including estate planning or setting up a holding company or a trust.
  • Everything customized to your business’ unique needs.
  • Monthly business strategy call on how to harness the law to allow you to make more money without putting in more time
  • Monitoring of your intellectual property and unlimited cease and desist and demand letters.
  • Legal clarity and support on speed dial – 15-minute clarity sessions for quick questions and advice


Secure Your Way to 7-Figures: Customized Legal and Business Strategy

If you’re in that place that exists between being a fresh-eyed business owner and a 7-figure CEO – you should consider enrolling in my growth lawyer retainer program.

And I don’t want to hear any of that “Oh, I’m just not ready for that – I’m still small-fry!” No. You’re not. Just like many women won’t apply for a job unless they have every single qualification listed (psssst, guess what, men apply with hardly ANY!), many female business owners don’t feel confident that they’re “there yet.”

This stops now. I want to help you: 

  • Be fully protected from typical risks that crop up as you grow (with legacy, estate, and corporate planning ready to weather life changes)
  • Understand how your intellectual property can make you money (with a framework to license or franchise business assets without adding more hours to your week)
  • Access strategic business advice steeped in legal expertise (and have regular access to a lawyer who knows your goals and shows you how to use your IP and team to reach them)

And that’s where my team of lawyers and I come in, to help you strategically plan your best financial year ever, and fully execute the legal side on your behalf.

Bonus!! With this program, there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. Whether you pay in full upfront or choose the installment option, you know what you’re getting, for exactly how much, the day you sign.

If you would like to see to see if this retainer program is right for you, sign up for our legal audit

As an aside: I love doing these legal audit sessions. We do a deep dive into your business to figure out where the gaps are in your legal foundation. You will leave with a clear legal road map of what you need to implement to reach your goals. Even if you don’t work with me any further you have the beginning of a plan. Your investment for the legal audit session is $500 +HST, and we will credit half of that against any future invoices for any service you chose.

As your own personal ‘growth lawyer’ my job is to be more than just a lawyer that fixes legal problems. I’ll do that. But I’ll also help you put a road map in place to help you grow and stay legally protected while doing so.

And as always, if you want to chat, I’m only a click away.

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