Invest in Levelling Up Before it’s too Late

I have a bit of news to share, and it’s something that has really had me thinking a lot about how quickly things can change in one’s life. I think we all fundamentally understand that concept today, because who among us would have ever predicted this crazy Covid-19 world in which we’re living, right?? But here we are. But my news harkens back to pre-Covid days, in 2018, when I was diagnosed with cancer.

Today, I’m healthy, happy, and living my best life. So, why am I bringing this up now? Because I’m taking a few weeks off for a surgical procedure, a procedure that will really complete this circle of life, complete this “coming back to myself,” as it were, with regards to that cancer trip I took. I wanted to share this because I’ve been mulling over just how different my mindset is today, before this current surgery, compared to my original cancer diagnosis a few years back. Obviously, there was the personal shock of hearing that news. But, as a business owner, an entrepreneur, it went further than that.


My Business Was ME! No Me, No Business!

I’ll be honest – I was absolutely freaking out at the idea of having to be away from my business for any length of time. Why? Because I had done the classic boot-strapping thing of literally BEING my business. I didn’t have systems in place, I didn’t have a team working with me – my business WAS ME – and without me, it would effectively cease to exist.

Imagine this scenario: I’m facing cancer treatment, and juggling business and family – so, in the few weeks I had to prepare – and in a blind panic – I hired a virtual assistant, a few freelancers to help with client work, and I hobbled together a few basic systems. Girlfriends. Please. That is NOT how you want to walk away from your business for who knows how long, amiright?

Ultimately (and I’m sure you could guess where this was heading) everything ended up coming back to me. These temp staffers had been given little prep time to get to know and carry the weight of my business – through no fault of their own – and I ended up working on my laptop, from my hospital bed, to the disapproval and disbelief of my surgeon!! Oh. And chemotherapy? Worked straight through that too. Ugh. It was not fun, but it taught me a valuable lesson.


Invest in Levelling Up Before it’s too Late

Fast forward a few years, and VOILA! I’ve invested so much into the nitty-gritty of running my business since 2018 – in protecting intellectual property, having systems in place to ensure smooth day-to-day flow, and I have seasoned team members working with me. The result? My business can continue to handle current clients, even on-board and serve brand new clients, while I’m not there!

And I know it will work, because I did a bit of a trial run in the summer (and managed to have an incredible stretch of “kinda-sorta” time-off, which I really enjoyed and took advantage of, at the same time). I forced myself to step back – and everything ran perfectly.

I have to tell you, it feels so good to feel this confident and secure that everything is going to be fine without me – and I’m so excited to be able to give myself the proper time needed to heal and rest.

And guess what? When I’m back in November it’s full steam ahead – with a juicy surprise to help YOU grow a business that works without you too!! Watch this space for more information on that. I hope you walk away from my story with a valuable lesson: You just never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball. Get prepared for that pitch, before it happens. It will save you a gigantic amount of stress and worry in the long run.

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