The Power of Relationships

Earlier this year, I found a small lump under my left arm. Eternal optimist that I am, I thought nothing of it and only mentioned it to my family doctor in an offhand, just-in-passing way while taking one of my sons to see her. My family doctor sent me for test after test despite my protestations that nothing was wrong, and she was overreacting. In the end, something was in fact, terribly wrong, but catching it early has made all the difference. My family doctor probably saved my life.

Why was she so insistent? We’d known each other for years – our family was one of her first patients when she opened her practice. She’d supported me through a pregnancy, seen my kids grow tall and we’d shared stories about being moms with our own businesses. She cared about me because we had built a relationship and she wanted to make sure I was okay. I listened to her in a way that I would not have with another doctor because I trusted her and knew she had my best interests at heart. I know all doctors care about their patients, but I often think of what would have happened if I had no family doctor; if I had just attended a series of walk-in clinics with doctors who didn’t know my history and didn’t have a relationship with me.

If you run a business, you should ask yourself whether your advisors are like trusted family doctors or walk-in clinics or worse yet, ER physicians. If the only time you speak to a lawyer is after you’ve received a claim against you, it’s often already too late. Having a strong relationship with your advisors can help you nip problems in the bud before they grow into costly crises.

A good advisor who knows and cares about your dreams for your life and your business can also help you take advantage of opportunities for savings and increased revenue that you may not even be aware of.

If you think the power of relationships could help your business, I’d be thrilled to have a chat with you.

Update from Andrea: When I look back, this blog post was the inspiration for my new “Secure Your Way to 7 Figures” 6-month program. It’s a program specifically formulated to help female-led small businesses securely and legally protect their brand, and provide the legal foundation needed to take their success to the next level. Check out the program here.

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