Debt or Equity – Should You Trade Shares for Services

Real Life Question: My small business desperately needs marketing help but I can’t afford it. A marketer has offered to provide the services I need in exchange for shares in my company; should I do it? It’s one of the Catch-22s of running a business: I need a killer website or advertising or marketing services […]

Is Your Website Going to Get You Sued?

Content marketing is the way to go right? So you probably provide lots of information on your blog or on your website. Maybe it’s about eating gluten free or training for a 5k. Maybe it’s about how to set up processes and systems in your business. Maybe you’re a kick-ass marketer and you show people […]

To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate, That is the Question

A quick internet search will reveal that there are three main ways in which you can own your business- sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. This lesson will focus on the differences between sole proprietorships and corporations. Sole Proprietorship Corporation You are the business and the business is you Business is a separate legal entity You […]

The Power of Relationships

Earlier this year, I found a small lump under my left arm. Eternal optimist that I am, I thought nothing of it and only mentioned it to my family doctor in an offhand, just-in-passing way while taking one of my sons to see her. My family doctor sent me for test after test despite my […]

A Roof or New Shoes?

A client said to me the other day that I was like a roof. This was news to me, so I asked her to explain. “ It’s like when I needed to decide between fixing the roof on my rental home and buying new shoes I had fallen in love with. I knew I needed […]